Sport Guards in Hutto, TX

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If your kid joins a sports team, their coach will likely stress the importance of preventing injuries and encourage good habits like stretching, cooling down, and wearing protective gear. To keep their pearly whites safe from any accidents, it’s a smart move for your child to wear a sports guard while being active. If you’re in the Georgetown, Round Rock, or surrounding areas and seeking a sports guard for your young athlete, consider reaching out to us at Bumble Bee Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Amelia (Amy) Albright, a specialist in pediatric dentistry, can provide expert advice on the best type of sports guard for your child’s specific stage of dental development. With her expertise, your child can stay protected against injuries for the long haul.

What Is A Sports Guard?

Sports continue to be an essential aspect of many childhoods, providing opportunities to enhance physical strength, develop life skills, and build lasting relationships. However, it’s crucial to remember that your child’s dental health is equally important for their growth and overall well-being. Sports-related dental injuries are a dime a dozen. Fortunately, one powerful yet simple way to protect your child’s smile is by encouraging them to wear an essential piece of athletic equipment: a sports guard. Protective devices are specifically engineered for use during contact sports to provide maximum protection to teeth. They are usually fitted on the upper teeth and are highly effective in preventing injuries such as broken teeth, cut cheeks, and severe mouth and jaw wounds.

Tiny But Mighty Sports Guards

We’re not POLLEN your leg! Sports Guards are a proven way to reduce the risk of sports injuries and protect smiles. Wearing a properly fitted sports guard can better  protect your child from dental emergencies, immediate and prolonged tooth pain, and time away from school, camp, and extracurricular activities.

How We Fit Custom Sports Guards

We understand how important it is for parents to keep their young athletes safe during sports activities. That’s why we offer custom-fitted sports guards for kids with all of their adult teeth. This specialized athletic mouthpiece provides the perfect fit, adaptability, and protection for your child through a hassle-free and straightforward process that is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • Collect Impressions: As you might’ve heard before, first impressions are everything. The same wrings true when we collect impressions of your child’s upper row of teeth.
  • Flawless Fabrication: Then, we send these impressions to our dental laboratory to create a sports guard designed for your child (and your child only)!
  • Final Fitting: Finally, we’ll schedule a fitting appointment to ensure the sports guard fits without a hitch. The new sports guard should feel not too loose or tight but just right.

Protecting Smiles: On & Off The Field

Whether your child is into football, soccer, or other physical activities, it’s crucial to take measures to keep them safe. Consider getting a custom-fit sports guard to reduce the chances of your child getting injured while playing sports.
At Bumble Bee Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Amy provides consultations and fittings for athletic sports guards that cater to your child’s unique requirements and physique. Rest assured that our sports guards are only created for your child and no one else. Keeping your young athlete safe is our top priority, so learn more about sports guards in Hutto by calling our office directly.