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Pediatric Dentist Hutto

When it comes to the health and happiness of your children, choosing the right pediatric dentist is paramount. After all, your child’s early dental experiences could shape how they view dental visits (and oral health) for the rest of their life!

At Bumble Bee Pediatric Dentistry, we take pride in giving kids a fun and comfortable dental experience that helps build positive oral health habits and stress-free feelings about dental work — so they can have a healthy and happy smile for life.

We’re In The Health & Happiness Business!

Bumble Bee Pediatric Dentistry offers comprehensive kids dental services and minimally invasive treatments, including:

Whether you’re new to the area or well-established, we happily serve local families in our friendly, modern Hutto dental office.

Going to the dentist can be a stressful or scary experience for children, but there are things you can do to help prepare them for their visit. First, we strongly encourage parents to check out our online patient portals to reduce office time. By filling out as many forms in advance as possible, we can utilize everyone’s time wisely. Also, don’t forget to bring your insurance information and ID! These items are crucial to a smooth first visit.

It can also be helpful to bring a comfort item, such as a favorite stuffed animal or toy, to the appointment. This can provide a sense of security and familiarity for your child. If any special medical concerns, accommodations, or discovery visits are needed, please let us know as far ahead as possible so we can devise a great game plan for a smooth dental appointment for your kid!

We accept a wide variety of insurance providers as well as out-of-pocket payments.

We’d love to meet your family! Schedule an appointment with our dental team to get started. We’re happy to help with all of your child’s dental needs. We’re currently accepting new patients and would love for your child to have a dentist they can trust for years to come.